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 Report on 2017 Election Period Operational Procedures

The principle of the idea was prevention rather than cure. It would use as many “Field Observers” as we could get and over 100 private and personal informers.

A “Field Observer” was basically a tour driver and vehicle. These were stationed at strategic points around the country, taking in to consideration both the amount of tourism traffic and the potential for flare-up. This person basically sits in the town or village and monitors any crowd build-up and how rowdy or irritated they are. When he deems that a situation may be any kind of danger to tourists, he moves some kilometers back down the road (informing the SCC) and physically stops all tourist vehicles from entering the area. He then holds the vehicles until the scene is clear or diverts them down a pre-determined route to avoid the trouble spot.

An “Informer” was basically a cross section of the public from Boda Boda riders, to hawkers, to askaris to taxi and matatu drivers, Kiosk owners, mahindi sellers and wazee wa mji in little villages and towns across the country. Read more
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