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 Destination Kenya Update - Current Situation in Kenya In light of Ongoing Rains

8th May 2018

The much awaited rainy season finally commenced, ending a prolonged dry spell in Kenya.  The rains are usually expected as part of the traditional "long rains" season that spans from March to May and also referred to as the North and South monsoons respectively.

Although Kenya straddles the Equator, it is not a particularly wet country and the rains received this year have been unusually heavy.  This has led to flooding in some parts of the Country and the risk has been especially noticeable in riparian and low-lying areas.

There have been reports of loss of life and destruction of property and infrastructure in various parts of the country and the Tourism Industry has been keeping close watch on the unfolding situation especially within the tourist circuits.


We wish to update all intending visitors to Kenya as follows: Read more
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