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 Kenya Association of Travel Agents (KATA)

Chapter 1: Background

The Kenya Association of Travel Agents (KATA) is a membership based organization that represents the interests of Travel Industry in Kenya and other interested parties. KATA works to enhance and improve the Travel Industry business climate in Kenya by promoting the services of Travel Agents to the general public, protecting the rights of Travel Agents businesses, and assisting businesses to optimize their businesses and improve profitability.

The Organization
KATA was registered in 1979 under Section 10 of the Societies Act after its forerunner, the East African Society of Travel Agents, which was in existence for 22 years was disbanded due to the collapse of the East African Community. The association is a member of UFTAA, the Universal Federation of Travel Agents' Association and cooperates closely with the Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Transport, Kenya Tourist Board (KTB), Kenya Utalii College (KUC) and the Civil Aviation Board (CAB).

It also plays an important role in the private sector bodies such as the Kenya Tourism Federation (KTF), Board of Airline Representatives (BAR), Kenya Association of Tour Operators (KATO), Kenya Hotelkeepers and Caterer's Association (KAHC) and The Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA).With a Secretariat in Nairobi, KATA has members in Eldoret, Kisumu, Lokichogio, Malindi, Mombasa and Nairobi.

KATA is run by a full time secretariat with a Chief Executive Officer and an Executive Committee comprising senior working members of the Travel industry. The executive committee is mandated by the constitution to oversee the overall management of the association and ensure implementation of the associations' vision. The Executive Committee meets monthly and also on a need basis to deal with the myriad issues that present themselves to the Travel Agents.


1.1.1  Establishment

KATA was established under Section 10 of the Societies Act in June 1979.

1.1.2  Mandate
The mandate of KATA is to regulate, supervise and develop the Travel industry in Kenya.

1.1.3  Objectives
KATA's core objectives and functions are to:
To provide a national vehicle that brings Travel Agents together and addresses the challenges faced by them.

  1. To regulate the Travel Agents Industry through developing professional standards and legally binding code of Ethics and providing arbitration services
  2. To lobby government, public and private institutions on Industry specific issues.
  3. To build the capacity of Travel Agents businesses professionals and owners
  4. To facilitate access to Innovative and Industry driven financial and risk management services
  5. To facilitate access to business resources, information and opportunities for Travel Agents Businesses in a way that promotes their effective participation in the Industry.
  6. To align KATA with other bodies or organisations with similar business at both a national and international level, and to leverage the relationships arising out of these alignments for the benefit of its members.


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