About Us


Kenya Tourism Federation Safety & Communication Centre is the pioneer tourist safety management and control centre and we have the pleasure of introducing our organisation to you.


The Kenya Tourism Federation  has traditionally had eight active private sector bodies including the ;Kenya Associations of Tour Operators, Kenya Association of Hotelkeepers and Caterers, Kenya Association of Travel Agents, Kenya Association of Air Operators, Kenya Coast Tourism Association, Ecotourism Kenya, Pubs, Entertainment & restaurants Association of Kenya  and Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association . Whereas each association worked very hard on their own, the ability to effectively address the entire industry’s concerns was limited, as the priority needs of one association’s membership are quite different from those of another. This situation led to the birth of the Kenya Tourism Federation (KTF), with the primary objective of uniting the eight associations under one umbrella. The key objectives of KTF are to: –  

  • Provide a single voice for the tourism industry;
  • Enhance ethics and standards in the tourism industry;
  • Strengthen private sector representation on the various organisations/boards that impact on tourism;
  • Provide a forum through which the industry can give input to the marketing activities of the Kenya Tourism Board;
  • Lobby and constructively engage Government on issues critical to the industry.


To promote a sustainable tourism sector through effective representation of private sector industry stakeholder interests.


To be the authoritative voice for Kenya’s tourism industry private sector

  1. Institutional Capacity: To continually strengthen KTF’s institutional capacity to execute its mandate and stated objectives
  2. Advocacy: To advocate for enabling policies and frameworks by engaging and lobbying with government and other stakeholders in order to
    grow protect and sustain the tourism industry
  3. Industry Communication: To provide accurate and reliable and timely information on matters affecting the industry to enable industry stakeholders manage their operations and avert avoidable risks
  4. Regulation: To develop a code of conduct and standards in order to promote self regulation and industry best practice
  5. Environment, Natural Resources and Heritage: To promote the responsible use and development of our natural resources and heritage
    for sustainable tourism and posterity.
  6. Industry Development: To identify research and develop innovative industry initiatives so as to improve service delivery and grow the
  7. Safety and Security: To promote the legitimate rights and freedoms of tourists in Kenya in order to increase their confidence to ensure their safety and security.